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Below are supplies that may be needed to conduct a satellite, temporary, or off-site vaccination clinic. The list may not be comprehensive. Your state or local public health immunization program may also have a checklist.


For large-scale clinics held at large facilities, such as stadiums and arenas, or over multiple days, additional supplies will be needed. Contact your state or local public health preparedness program and work with the clinic medical director for additional guidance and assistance.

To bring together a diversity of partners and mobilize their collective strengths to increase access to a full range of affordable, quality reproductive health supplies in low- and middle-income countries.

More than 120,000 medical/surgical supplies, capital equipment, laboratory, and pharmaceutical products in stock, plus 180,000 additional special-order items, that meet the needs of your patients and practice.

Our printer supplies are as high-quality as our printers to ensure that every job exceeds your standards and delivers exceptional prints and ongoing reliability. Use this page to browse printer accessories, read reviews, see current instant savings offers, and purchase online.

Being prepared means being equipped with the proper supplies you may need in the event of an emergency or disaster. Keep your supplies in an easy-to-carry emergency preparedness kit that you can use at home or take with you in case you must evacuate.

As part of the Biden Administration's "Path Out of the Pandemic" COVID-19 Action Plan, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in partnership with the Department of Defense is making available to all HRSA-supported health centers (including look-alikes), as well as Medicare-certified rural health clinics, free COVID-19 testing supplies, authorized by the FDA for emergency use. The HRSA COVID-19 Testing Supply Program will make available for order: (1) at-home self-tests, and (2) a limited quantity of point-of-care, rapid antigen testing analyzers and test strips for clinical settings. The point-of-care tests available to health centers will be for COVID-19 or for COVID + Flu A/B. Distribution of the at-home self-tests and point-of-care tests at no cost to health center patients and community members supports and expands community-based COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

All health centers and Medicare-certified rural health clinics are eligible to receive and distribute at-home self-tests to their communities, and to conduct point-of-care tests in the primary care setting. This is to support greater COVID-19 mitigation efforts and to ensure that those most at risk for COVID-19 have access to at-home self-testing and point-of-care testing supplies.

No. This is a voluntary program. Only health centers and Medicare-certified rural health clinics that choose to register with HRSA and place orders through the online ordering system will receive the COVID-19 at-home self-tests, point-of-care analyzers and test strips or any additional testing supplies that may become available.

Each health center and Medicare-certified rural health clinic determines which of its service delivery sites receive testing supplies based on patient and community need and storage capacity. Health centers may revise the delivery sites as needed.

Natural disasters will continue to happen. Prepare yourself during the 2022 Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday for emergencies that can cause physical damage like hurricanes, flash floods and wildfires. You can purchase certain emergency preparation supplies tax free during the sales tax holiday. There is no limit on the number of qualifying items you can purchase, and you do not need to give an exemption certificate to claim the exemption.

During the holiday you can buy qualifying emergency preparation supplies in-store, online, by telephone, mail, custom order, or any other means. The sale of the item must take place during the specific period. The purchase date is easy to determine when the purchase is made in-store but becomes more complicated with remote purchases. The purchaser must have given the consideration for the item during the period even if the item may not be delivered until after the period is over.

Purchasers can buy certain emergency preparation supplies tax free during the annual Texas Emergency Supplies Sales Tax Holiday. If you pay sales tax on these items during the sales tax holiday, you can ask the seller for a refund of the tax paid. The seller can either grant the refund or provide their customer with Form 00-985, Assignment of Right to Refund (PDF) that allows the purchaser to file the refund claim directly with the Comptroller's office.

Each year, up to 10% of Americans fall victim to fraud according to the FTC, and office supply scams are among the more common schemes. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, purchase genuine Ricoh parts and supplies from an authorized dealer. Watch this video to discover other valuable tips to help keep you and your business safe from fraud.

Rio Grande supports the art and industry of jewelry-making with a one-stop selection, exemplary service, technical expertise, and educational support. We are a leading provider of precious materials, bench supplies, customization, and cutting-edge technologies.

For hobbyists or those who work as an artist, our selection of drawing and art supplies provide you with quality colored pencils, coloring books, oil paints, acrylic paints, notepads and sharpies needed to inspire your next piece. Many of these items, along with index cards, erasers, Bic ballpoint pens, crayons and pencil sharpeners are basic school supplies, too.

Let's not forget snacks! Sam's Club has the breakroom supplies you need from snacks to coffee to cutlery and more. We also carry janitorial supplies, cleaning products and even hand sanitizers so you can keep the breakroom and office area clean.

Inkjet printer supplies, from such best-selling brands as HP, are the replacement ink and toner cartridges compatible with certain inkjet printers that keep the device printing in brilliant colors and crisp text. They are often sold as a black cartridge, various color ink or toner cartridges or multi-packs for convenience.

Laser printer supplies include toner and ink cartridges, as well as printer fusers that are heated rollers that transfer toner onto the paper being printed on. Transfer kits keep the transfer rollers and belt functioning properly, which is important for the proper functioning of your laser printer.

Keep money secure with cash boxes and money handling supplies. Coin sorters let cashiers countdown drawers quickly and efficiently. Keep a supply of coin wrappers and currency straps on hand for easier money handling and transporting when making deposits and adding cash to drawers. Counterfeit bill detector pens protect your company and ensure all bills are legitimate.

From the warehouse to the mailroom, having the right supplies available maximizes productivity. Sam's Club offers a full line of mailroom and warehouse supplies, ensuring you have everything you need for storing, moving and shipping items properly.

Whether mailing invoices, catalogs or products, having the right supplies available makes sure the entire process goes smoothly. Packing wrap and supplies offer protection during the shipping process. Bubble mailers are an ideal option for shipping smaller items, catalogs and other bulky mailings. Add bubble wrap and handwrap film for large items and protect them with air cushioning that helps prevent damage once packages leave your facility.

The right warehouse supplies help your shipping and receiving areas run smoothly. Hand trucks and utility carts let employees move heavy or awkward loads safely, reducing injury and maximizing productivity. Upright hand trucks work well for loading and unloading in the dock area, and are small enough to fit in most trucks and vans. Utility carts offer a large, flat surface that workers can use for gathering orders, rather than carrying items throughout the facility.

Whether you want supplies that help you maintain a clean space or you're looking for janitorial supplies that reduce germs and grime effectively, Sam's Club has everything you need. From floor mats to cleaning carts and tools that keep items organized, you'll find them all at reasonable prices.

Clients and visitors expect a clean facility, and having the right janitorial supplies ensures that your housekeeping team can get the job done efficiently. There are cleaning chemicals available that cut grease quickly in kitchens, along with all-purpose cleaners that tackle floors and other surfaces. Glass cleaners keep mirrors and windows streak-free, while furniture polishes maintain the professional look of desks and tables.

The right utility carts make it simple for employees to transport chemicals and supplies throughout the facility. Consider options with large zippered bags that reduce the need for multiple trips when emptying trash. Carts with multiple shelves ensure items remain organized and easy to find. A ready supply of sponges and cleaning clothes for various surfaces help workers clean without damaging wood, glass and other materials.

Maintain the cleanliness of restrooms with the proper dispensers and supplies. Hand dryers offer less paper waste, while soap and sanitizer dispensers ensure guests can wash their hands properly. Add changing stations to your restroom supplies and ensure guests have a safe location for diapering.

Make sure your housekeeping team has the proper janitorial supplies for maintaining your facility. The selection at Sam's Club provides cleaning supplies and everything you need for stocking restrooms throughout your location.

For a basic home office, start with pens and pencils, file folders, writing pads, sticky notes and a stapler. You'll probably also want a printer, so pick up printer paper and printer ink as well. Once you're set up with the basics, you can add additional supplies as they're needed. 041b061a72


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