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[S4E11] Dead Of Night

Scott arrives home late at night to find Mama McCall waiting for him in the kitchen. The lights are off, which maybe means that the electricity bill is going unpaid again. He apologises, saying he got more hours at the animal clinic to earn some extra money.

[S4E11] Dead of Night

Oliver is determined to find a cure for her paralysis and is convinced they can, they have witnessed stranger things in their life, people who can fly and come back from the dead for example. The couple seem stronger than ever!

That night Danny encounters a girl - she rolls a ball to him and says he is welcome to stay, but the adults are not. Then as Kate lies in bed, she feels something licking her hand. She assumes it's the dog until the dog appears at the bedroom door.

Finally, Data leads his night watch team onto the bridge. Worf reports that all systems are normal, they are on course for Adelphous IV, engineering is realigning the main deflector dish, sickbay reports that Lt. Umbato broke two ribs during a holodeck exercise, and sensors continue to gather long-range information on the Murasaki quasar. Data takes the bridge from Worf.

It seems like neither one of you's been paying close enough attention to the hell on earth we've been living in. So let me tell you how to best avoid winding up just another dead-alive prick. You find some strong, like-minded comrades and you stay stuck together like wet on water. We need people. The more the better. We need each other, partner. Even with all that gear on your shoulder, you won't last a night. Not by yourself.

Tara told us what went down. There is zero chance you will ever find your wife again. Alive or dead. Mainly because, sorry to tell you, she's gone. No need for you to die, too. Now come on. Get back in the truck. Do something with your life.

In the past, Madison's group live in a baseball stadium with a larger group and it thrives until their crops are overrun with weevils. Madison and Alicia meet Naomi on a run who tries to steal their car only to fall through the roof of an oil tower. Madison rescues her despite the previous threat and offers her a place at the stadium. Naomi agrees. Later that night, a group of raiders in caravans show up and give them an ultimatum, leave or they will wait for them to die off. They know about the weevils thanks to Charlie; a little girl Madison took in who secretly spied on them. Madison refuses the offer and leaves the group outside.

In the past, Madison takes Strand and Naomi on a run for supplies where Strand confides with her about his feelings towards Naomi and how he feels he hasn't changed as he hid supplies in a getaway car for a quick escape if things went bad. Naomi leads them close to a FEMA shelter before going on without them. She is nearly cornered by the dead until she is rescued by the two. Naomi reveals that she was responsible for the shelter falling when she hid her sick daughter while she went to look for antibiotics. She returned to find her daughter turned bit everyone inside. Mel and the Vultures vacate the parking lot upon realizing that Madison's group will survive longer than expected.

In the past, Charlie returns to the stadium for help when Mel is injured. Charlie explains that she and Mel parted ways with the Vultures after Mel got into a fight with Ennis. Madison agrees to bring Mel to the stadium's infirmary, despite Nick's concerns that it might be another trap. As Ennis mounts a Walker army, Madison decides to send Mel away after he attacks Naomi but keeps Charlie with them. At Charlie's insistence; Alicia, Luciana, and Nick go after Mel to bring him back. As they return, Ennis' convoy arrives and they release the dead after and start an oil fire to prevent the survivors from escaping.

Morgan wakes in Mississippi after taking shelter in a pickup truck where he encounters Wendell and Sarah. They explain that they are truck drivers who deliver supplies. Morgan worries about the friends he left behind and vows to find them. However, when he gets to a bridge, he decides to turn back. He saves Jim Bauer from Walkers and it is revealed the Wendell and Sarah tied him up and left him for dead after he refused to share his beer recipe and that they stole the truck for themselves. They ask for the location of Morgan's community in Virginia, but Morgan remains silent. En route, the truck stops and Jim accidentally knocks Morgan into the herd's path. Morgan jumps on top of a car. The trio leave him there and he manages to escape and catch up with them They confront him about providing false directions. Morgan agrees to take them to his community if they pick up his friends in Texas.

At the hospital, Jim remains on the roof while the others locate Al. Instead, they find Al's note telling them she's going to try to escape, along with instructions on protecting her tapes if she dies. Morgan leaves to find her while the rest stay behind. From the roof, Morgan tosses a walker off the ledge an onto a car, attracting the walkers away from the hospital entrance. Though Morgan implores them to leave, the group rally to get Morgan off the roof using a firetruck. Martha escapes during the effort. As Walkers close in, Jim tells Sarah his beer recipe before jumping of the roof to distract the Walkers. Later that night, Martha takes Jim's now reanimated corpse.

When a stubborn jury member in a murder trial is found dead himself, the investigation reveals that just about every other jury member had a motive and that there were a lot of ways in which the victim could have been killed. Meanwhile, Nick looks into a four-year-old missing persons case that is reopened when the victim's sister comes forward with new information.

She tells them that four years ago, Rita didn't disappear. She came home and found her husband, Aaron, in the barn with another woman. Rita said that she was going to leave him, but Aaron lost it and killed her. Nick points out that they investigated Aaron four years ago and he had an alibi, but Faye says that his alibi was a business partner who owed him money and would've said anything. She also tells them that the business partner died a month ago, and he was the only other one who knew about the murder other than her. Nick asks what Aaron did with the body; Faye says that he put it in a barrel and set it on fire. The body burned all night and Aaron dumped the ashes in the river the following morning. Vartann asks how Faye knows all this and Nick correctly guesses that Faye was the other woman.

Faye takes Nick and Vartann to the spot where Aaron burned the body and tells them that although she hasn't been back there since that night, she's sure it's the right spot. Nick takes samples of the ground to test for gasoline fumes that would've settled into the soil as hydrocarbons. At the lab, the dirt is tested, but no evidence of hydrocarbons is found. The lab tech tells Nick that he's sorry that Nick didn't get the promotion he put in for, as he heard that Grissom only gave Sara a higher evaluation because of their history. Detective Vartann comes in before Nick can process this information and tells him that Faye has another sister, Terry Minden. Terry had just recently gotten engaged to Aaron.

They talk to Faye again and ask why she didn't tell them about her younger sister, Terry. Faye tells them that she knew it would come to this and admits that Aaron dumped her for her younger sister. She insists that she isn't jealous of Terry, but rather scared for her, not wanting her to end up like Rita. Falsely accusing Aaron of murder was her way of getting back at him. They ask about Faye's relationship with Aaron; she says that it ended, not well or badly. She knows that if she told Terry what really happened to Rita, she'd just go to Aaron and claim that Faye was crazy. However, Faye says that she knows what Aaron is capable of since he made her help him dispose of Rita's body. She adds that it was a wet winter that year, but not raining the night of the cremation.

Eladio escapes from INS custody, and the agents discover the driver of the INS deportation bus dead from a different fungal infection. Mulder thinks there may be a connection between the fungi and the missing immigrant. Lozano and Mulder track Eladio to a construction site where he has found work, but the vengeful Soledad is also on Eladio's trail. Both brothers escape before Lozano and Mulder can take them into custody. The site's foreman is dead, his body ravaged by a myriad of fungi. Scully calls Mulder and warns him against touching or inhaling the lethal lichen. During a meeting with a mycology professor, Scully is informed that the professor has isolated an enzyme that acts as a catalyst, accelerating fungal growth. If it escapes into the environment, there could be a biological hazard of frightening proportions.

What really happened that night? According to Flakita, Lozano brings Soledad to the camp, and orders Eladio to face his brother like a man. However, Eladio is no longer a man; he is El Chupacabra. Flakita hides as gray aliens, whom she calls Chupacabras, descend on the village. They kill Lozano, and take Soledad up in the sky with them.

The story Mulder and Scully report to Skinner is not much clearer. All they know is that by the time they got to the camp, both the brothers were gone. Lozano was dead, brought down by two bullets and the fungus. The Chupacabras? The Buente brothers, their faces luridly disfigured, may have hitchhiked off into the Mexican night.

Marnie and Sookie go back inside. Marnie uses a pool of Casey's blood to scry the present situation outside the shop, then asks to see the future. The pool shows a dead Marnie with a bullet hole in her forehead. Shocked, she tells her coven that they need to band together if they are going to survive the vampire attack (even though she only saw herself killed). Reluctantly, the others join her in a circle, even Sookie. Marnie casts a spell which causes the vampires to walk towards the shield, which will kill them. Jason tries to pull Jessica and Bill away from the shield. He cries to Sookie in his head for her to stop whatever is going on. Using her fairy powers, she breaks the spell, causing Marnie to believe that Sookie is trying to cross her. She causes everyone apart from Sookie to become stuck to the wall, and she creates a fire ring, trying to burn Sookie. Lafayette sees this and he gets Jesus to speed up the process of breaking Antonia out of Marnie's body. He does so, manifesting the demon's head again, with moments to spare. Antonia's spirit casts her own spell, and the fire ring around Sookie dissolves, as does the spell holding everyone to the walls. Marnie cries in despair, seeing her grand scheme falling to pieces. 041b061a72


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