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Blockers YIFY

The term "ad-blocker" is somewhat misleading because while ad-blocker apps do block ads, their most useful function is to prevent tracking scripts from being loaded into your browser, which allows companies to track your movements as you browse the web. This is why they are also known as "content blockers".

Blockers YIFY

Another benefit of ad-blockers is they can speed up page load times because they prevent the browser from loading unnecessary (and potentially harmful) scripts. For the same reason, ad-blockers reduce bandwidth consumption and so are pretty much essential for those with limited data plans. They also claim to save battery life, although we aren't entirely convinced this benefit will be noticeable to the average user.

Handy hint: Ad-blockers can break websites by blocking scripts the sites need to function. Fortunately, Safari for iOS provides a fix for this. Simply long-press the page refresh button to bring up a pop-up dialogue that allows you to refresh the page without any content blockers enabled. 041b061a72


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