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Demon of Ash Miniature - Fantasy RPG - D&D 5e -DM Sash - Sands of Sudd Tohst

Demon of Ash Miniature - Fantasy RPG - D&D 5e -DM Sash - Sands of Sudd Tohst

Demon of Ash of the collection Sands of Sudd Tohst desigend by DM-Stash


Available in 32mm and 75mm scale


Our miniatures are compatible with all 25mm – 32mm Role Playing games,  D&D 5e, Pathfinder, and more!! 


Ash had left Hinatal during the starting throes of civil unrest within the city. Feeling an external threat was pushing upon the city, causing it to be engulfed in the internal conflict. Pushing through Tharador’s vast kingdoms to hope the answer he sought, he eventually gained whiff of a path to those answers. Though in his attempts to pursue it he was forced to raid the vault of a mercenary organisation he had signed on with, ultimately leading to his demise after some time.

Though in all this time a demon of hatred and anger grew, tied to the pestilence that held Hinatal itn its place. It was thought removed with the rest of the curse but as Ash’s anger and lust for revenge grew more dire, so too did the demon begin to retake his body once more. Upon his death his body lay for several days, slowly being overgrown and shedded by the demon within. At full conversion the demon, now fused with Ash’s mind and soul made its way across sea mountain and land to Hinatal, feeling the presence of its attack. Seeing the city under siege, the Demon lay waste to many besiegers before eventually making its way into the city, halted only by Keydrin who the demon referred to by name. Recognising his mentor’s voice, Keydrin bowed and insisted the Demon was still mostly Ash, returning to Hinatal in their hour of need.


Though most nobles question the Demon’s intentions, they cannot forgo its aid. Planning to unleash the Demon of Ash against the armies of Sultan Hakim, and dispose of it after so that it cannot be a threat to any others upon Tharador that it might see as obstacles in its path of vengeance.


Models are printed in high quality Resin provides crisp clean details All models unpainted and support material removed. (Other heights and options available, upon request)


Want it primed and ready to paint? No problem priming is available on our site as an add-on upgrade. 

Want one painted by us? Shoot us a message for more info. 


This will be shipped in multiple pieces so additional sanding, priming, or line filling may be needed. 

Want something different? Give us a shout to see what else we have. 



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