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Mando Figure

Mando Figure

Our first website exclusive model is here and its a big one!!! 


Check out this amazing model designed by Star Wars 3D! This Mando has everything you could want! 


This Mando Figure measures 6.5" tall by 4.5" wide. 


We typically like to use pictures of our actual printed models, this one however didn't work well with that plan. While puttinig this together we determined it was going to be best to paint this in pieces because some areas we going to be tight otherwise (e.g. painting jetpack with the cape on in an extremley small space). So for this one we are providingn the artist rendering only with a picture of our printed model and what we could balance on it, as you can see the cape, rocks, and some other pieces are missing from our picture but I asure you, you will recieve them all.


Also for this model, it does print in mutliple pieces so when assembling their may be some small areas that need filled prior to painting. If you're not familiar with how to do this no worries it's very simple and we are happy to walk you through that process. 



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    $51.00Sale Price