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Mighty Thor Fan Art Figure - Sanix - Avengers

Mighty Thor Fan Art Figure - Sanix - Avengers

Mighty Thor Fan Art Figure desigend by Sanix 


Figure is pirnted in 1:10 Scale(Other heights and options available, check out our website for more info


***This is Fan Art and is in no way associated with any affiliate***


Pictures are of the artist rendering, our models are printed in high quality PLA or Resin (resin provides crisper cleaner details and smoother surface for painting)


All models unpainted with support material removed. Because we are human sometimes we may miss a support piece or two, these are easy removed with tweezers or a pair of side snips. If you receive some please reach out and we can advise on the safest way to remove.


***Resin models do contain drain holes, these are placed in places where they are not visible while on display if possible. These holes can be filled in with putty, spackle, or wood filler. We do not fill holes in our priming process***


We do combine shipping over at our website, so feel free to check out our other items.


Want it primed and ready to paint? No problem priming is available on our site as an add-on upgrade.


Please be aware this will be shipped in multiple pieces, so even with priming so additional filing, one filling, or and additional priming may be needed. Want something different?


Give us a shout to see what else we have to offer or check out the website at www.526imagine.comAbove options are available to choose and order here -


Scaling Information:Standard height, for a male person, in miniatures it is calculated on average 1800 mm for 1: 1 scales (so a man, he is 1m , 80 cm tall ). BBased on this size, some scales are already attached to some measures example: scale: 1:16 = 112.5 mm scale 1:10 = 180 mm scale 1: 8 = 225 mm scale 1: 6 = 300 mm Pay attention to the following details The figure of 1800 mm is an average size, which applies to miniature projects. Depending on the project (character), the size can be changed. Example: 1. The female gender in many cases is lower in body height than men. 2. Children or adolescents are less tall than adults. 3. Monsters or other inhuman characters (from movies, comics, etc.) are usually taller than humans If you need the original height of a character, you can search the internet for their actual sizes, and then change to the size you want.

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