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Mimir – God of War Bust

Mimir – God of War Bust

Mimir – God of War Bust designed by Fotis Mint


Bust stands 6.5" tall  (Other heights and options available upon request)


Pictures are of the artist rendering, our models are printed in high quality PLA (FDM / Plastic) or Resin (provides crisp clean details and smoother surface) .


All models unpainted with support material removed. Because we are human sometimes we may miss a support piece or two, these are easy removed with tweezers or a pair of side snips. If you receive some please reach out and we can advise on the safest way to remove. 


Want it primed and ready to paint? We have you there, just choose the primed option. 


Looking for something specific, just give us a shout to see what else we have. 

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