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Monthly Monster Box

Monthly Monster Box

Grab some great Miniautures and Paint at an insane price!!


This monthly box will include Monsters for your TTRPGs. This will include mosnters from all base sizes which can range from small to gargantuan. Of course the bigger the monster the less room in the box there is ;), and of course you will recieve a bottle of 17ml Scale 75 paint. 


All pieces will be primed ready to be painted.


Please note that some may be shipped in multiple pieces so additional sanding, priming, or line filling may be needed. 

So for example one month you may recieve 3 Large Monsters and the next month maybe only 2 Huge Monsters, and one month maybe just a gargantuan, etc. 


Over $70 value for only $45 shipped to your door!!!


You box will be shipped in the same month it is purchased in.


Our miniatures are compatible with all 25mm – 32mm Role Playing games, D&D 5e, Pathfinder, and more!!


Models are printed in high quality Resin provides crisp clean details.


    Price Options
    Monthly Mini Box
    $45.00every month until canceled
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