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Spider-Man Bust (Smooth Eye version)

Spider-Man Bust (Smooth Eye version)

Can he really do everyting a spider can?..... Of course becuase he is Spider-Man!! 


This amazing design is from the hands of Hex3D! 


Spider-Man bust stands 6" with base If you are wanting one bigger than the listed options please reach out and we can go over what is available.


PPPPSSSTTT - This is the smoothed eye version that is our store exclusvie and the mirrored version to the Hex eyed that is also available here. 


Want it as it primed and ready to paint? No problem priming is only $5.


Don’t want to hassle with painting it? We got you covered there too, we offer in-house painting so you can sit back and relax.


Want something different? Give us a shout to see what else we have to offer, or check out our forum and let us know there.

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