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Stinger Sword form Lord of The Rings (LOTR)

Stinger Sword form Lord of The Rings (LOTR)

Whats that blue glow? O NO, its coming from Sting!


I absolutely love this sword and Hex3D did an amazing job bringing it to life!! (yes we need a new stand for these types of pieces lol)


This cosplay replica piece measures 22in long and 4.5" wide. It will be shipped in 3 pieces along with 2 alignment pieces to help align the sword in the proper place when assembling.


Want it as it primed and ready to paint? No problem priming is only $5. 


Don’t want to hassle with painting it? We got you covered there too, we offer in-house painting so you can sit back and relax. 


Want something different? Give us a shout to see what else we have to offer, or check out our forum and let us know there. 

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