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Yandere Simulator Development Blog - Image Sites

So, what is Yandere Simulator? It's been described as Hitman meets Japanese high school. You play a jealous anime schoolgirl who murders anyone who dares to capture the attention of her "crush". According to the developer's blog, a "yandere" is a girl who "loves a boy so much that she is willing to threaten, harm, or kill any other girl who seems interested in him".

Yandere Simulator Development Blog - Image Sites

In 2014, Yandere Dev began development on an action, stealth game called Yandere Simulator. The plot involves a teenage student named Ayano Aishi attempting to get another student's attention, named senpai. The player can choose to coerce their love interest or murder other characters who are attracted to senpai while maintaining your own reputation. Yandere Dev originally proposed the idea to the forum website, 4chan which received positive feedback. On his main YouTube channel and blog, he will give frequent updates and lore about the game.

MidoriBot can be used in #bots-emotes-memes, #off-topic and #yandere-simulator though most of her commands are best used in the first. Her commands can be activated with the prefix - (hyphen). She has been known to become self-aware sometimes in yandere-simulator, responding to things people say.

The developer of Yandere Simulator has uploaded a video to the game's official YouTube channel detailing a response e-mail that he received from Twitch relating to the game being banned for streaming on the service. The video was accompanied by a short blog post on the game's official development blog. The game was initially banned from the service in January 2016. Take a peek at the video for yourself here:

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In a post on the game's blog, the developer confirmed the release dates for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions while noting "Looking at Wii U and the current gaming landscape, we made the difficult choice to shift our development efforts to creating a version for Nintendo Switch." 041b061a72


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